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Biz Builder Delux Tips and Guides

This post consists of a list of original tips and guides for Biz Builder Delux, a simulation game created by the well-known android app company, Kairosoft.

Tips for Biz Builder Delux

(1) When building your stores (types of shop, e.g. video game, bakery, and so on), build them according to the order which they are being unlocked.

This is to allow you to unlock the ‘extra features’ related to the ‘earlier’ stores, which you will require for ‘later’ stores. For example, you need to open the Burger store to unlock the back room related items. If you choose to skip the Burger store and open the Bakery first, you would have missed those items. Yes, the Bakery cannot unlock the back room related items!

(2) When choosing to open a new store, choose a location that have an existing city item, such as a house, a factory or a land with high value.

This will allow your store to have more (additional) space to start with, as compared to other locations. By having more space, not only do you get more free space to design your store, but also more furnishing points to place items.

(3) When given the opportunity to spend your ‘hearts’ to conduct searches, always and always use the characters with the highest Dexterity.

This is to ensure that you obtain the best search result because in this game, items are really useful yet buying them in shops is definitely not a worthy deal (too overpriced!).

(4) Always check your customers’ budget to ensure that your products are not too overpriced, or else your customers will not make the purchase.

To ‘increase’ your customers’ budget, you can setup ATM machines within your store.

(5) Make sure that you setup rest areas in your store whenever you have enough capacity for it.

This is to allow your customers to form into groups while they are resting. When a group is formed, all the customers within the group will receive a boost in their budget and has a higher tendency to buy more items (this is pretty logical, since they have more budget).

To tell whether a group was formed, simply take note of the aura surrounding the customer.

(6) When placing furnishings, take note of furnitures that have a ‘Star’ on them. These are special furnishings that will occasionally trigger aura on your customers along the way.

(7) Always try to satisfy your customers (objectively) as early in the game as possible.

This is to ensure that your customers’ level increase earlier in the game, as a higher level customer will visit your store more often and with higher spending capacity (budget).

(8) Restart your stores often as it gives you extra income and extra store furnishings, such as Staff Room. Also, it can boost the value of future stores in the area.

(9) If you restart the game with an existing save data, you will be able to unlock various bonuses. For instance, you can unlock extra manager, stores, products, furnishings, Equipment and many other items.

For instance, you can unlock extra manager, stores, products, furnishings, Equipment and many other items.

It is recommended to reset at least 3 managers to level 1 (you can do so by changing their type using Management Goods Type Book) when creating a replay data.

A level 1 manager’s wage is very cheap, which makes it very easy to meet the store’s quota.

It is also a good idea to prepare a level 999 manager with good stats when creating replay data. He can be kept in your waiting room until Year 4, when the 1st Mayor Election starts. From then, promote him as the Mayor so that the town can be developed faster.

(10) To power level your manager to level 999, you can try the following combos that can be made by special combination of upgrade items,

  • Game Lore (LL) => Kid’s Sketch (L) => Picture Book (L) => Game Cartridge (M) => Game Lore (LL)
  • Game Lore (LL) => Old Notebook (L) => Antiques Guide (L) => Game Cartridge (M) => Game Lore (LL)
  • Any (LL) => Antiques Guide (L) => Parchment (4L) => Any (LL)
  • Vegetables (LL) => Any (L) => Seasonings (M) => Asian Cooking (L) => Sports DVD (M) => Vegetables (LL)
  • Meat (LL) => Any (L) => Grain (M) => Meat (LL)

It is possible to rank up staff/manager from lvl 1 to 999 in just one Power Up session with the above method. You just need a combo of around 3000% and around 500,000 base experience.

If Combos build up faster than the base experience, then break the combo and add high experience upgrade items like Semi-Rare Books (such as Recipe Book or Asian Cooking).


Store Stats

  • Life – Affects number of store visitors
  • Biz – Affects max staff cost and the ability to search for new staff
  • Ind – Get bonus EXP when powering up
  • Con – Affects max furnishing cost. Maximum can increase with development
  • Env – Affects how easy it is for population to increase
  • Asst – Affects land price increases. Higher value boost the cost to setup a store and its initial quota
  • Popularity – Affects the difficulty of introducing facilities and the chances of holding major events
  • Hunt – Affects the difficulty of treasure hunts and the quality of treasure obtained

 Staff Stats

  • Stamina – Consumed when working
  • Speed – Increases movement speed (different from restocking speed)
  • Dexterity – Boosts restocking speed and chances to find treasure
  • Service – Makes it easier to satisfy customers
  • Prep – Improves cooking and research

 Staff Stats Growth Rate

Type Stamina Speed Dexterity Service Prep Item Medals
Stamina + + + + + Type Book 1 0
Brisk + ++ + + + Type Book 2 0
Nimble + + + + + Type Book 3 0
Genial + + + + + Type Book 4 0
Food + + + + + Type Book 5 0
Power +++ + + + + Type Book 6 1
Speed + +++ + + + Type Book 7 1
Deft + + +++ + + Type Book 8 1
Service + + + +++ + Type Book 9 1
Cooking ++ + ++ + +++ Type Book 10 1
Endless ++++ +++ +++ + + Type Book 11 3
Swift +++ +++++ +++ + + Type Book 12 3
Precise ++ +++ +++++ +++ ++ Type Book 13 3
Smile ++ ++ ++ +++++ + Type Book 14 3
Gourmet ++++ +++++ +++++ +++++ ++++ Type Book 15  3


Name Type Opening Price Unlock Condition
Game Store Retail

Initially Available

Burger Store Food

Initially Available

Clothing Store Retail

Initially Available

Bookstore Retail $100,000 10 coins
Noodle Shop Food $100,000 30 coins
Bakery Hybrid (retail and food) $100,000 50 coins
Street Stand $1,000,000 100 coins
Museum $1,000,000 300 coins


Soda Sports drink Sweetener Sweetener
Adventure Game Guide Game Lore Paper
Exodus IES Game Lore Game cartridge
Game Kid Super IES Game Lore USB Drive Antiques Guide
Jupiter 512 PlayStatus 2 Game Lore Wi-Fi Card Picture Book
Microx 480 Dreamlast Game Lore E-money Card
Used Game Puzzle Game Game Lore Antiques Guide
Calzone Pizza Bun Bread History Meat Eggs & Milk
Chinnamon Roll Jelly Roll Adv. Baking Sweetener Seasonings
Choco Bun Criossant Bread history Sweetener
Cream Bun White Bread Adv. Baking Sweetener
Egg Sandwich Butter Roll Adv. Baking Eggs & Milk Seasonings
Mixed Juice Juice Box Juice Journal Fruit Basket
Quiche Wiener Roll Bread History Eggs & Milk Vegetables
Sourdough Baguettes Adv. Baking Grain Seasonings
Game Prize Toy Prize Street Journal Game cartridge
Indian Curry Curry Rice Street Cooking Hot Spices
Juice Crepe Juice Journal Sweetener
Jumbo Frank Hot Dog Street Journal Meat Grain
Cheese Dog Hot Dog Recipe Book Eggs & Milk Grain
Choco Donut Donut Bakery Journal Sweetener Grain
Choco Pie Apple Pie Sweetener Grain Eggs & Milk
Fizzy Juice Veggie Juice Juice Journal Sweetener
Fries (L) Fries (M) Recipe Book Salad Oil Vegetables
Onion Rings Fries (S) Seasonings Salad Oil Vegetables
Pancakes Hot biscuits Bakery Journal Grain Eggs & Milk
Veggie Burger Hamburger Recipe Book Vegetables
Veggie Juice Coffee Juice Journal Bakery Journal Vegetables
Bright Dress Tight Skirt Strong Cloth
Casual Jacket Bespoke Top Adv. Sewing
Culottes Shorts Adv. Sewing Soft Cloth
Jeans L. Jacket Adv. Sewing Denim
Lace Tunic Blouse Adv. Sewing Soft Cloth
Pumps Necklace Style Journal Bright Cloth Waterproofing
Underwear Check Shorts Adv. Sewing Leather
Vest Border Shirt Adv. Sewing Strong Cloth
Zip-Up Jacket Jacket Adv. Sewing Strong Cloth Rare Metals
Kids Books Boys Comics Book Sales Kid’s Sketch
Manuals Chess Book Sales Gift Wrap Sticky Notes
Photo Book Weekly Mags Book Sales Celeb Photo
Sport Books Fashion Mags Book Sales Old Notebook
Almond Jelly Soup Asian Cooking Sweetener
Champon Ramen (Red Bowl) Asian Cooking Seasonings Vegetables
Chow Mein Yakisoba Asian Cooking Vegetables Seasonings
Crab Rangoon Special Rice Ramen Journal Seafood Seasonings
Dip Noodles Miso Ramen Ramen Journal Seafood Grain
Egg Rolls Ramen (White Plate) Ramen Journal Grain Eggs & Milk
Fried Tofu Chili Shrimp Ramen Journal Hot Spices Grain
Potstickers Snacks Asian Cooking Grain
Special Rice Yakisoba Asian Cooking Salad Oil Grain

That’s all, folks!

Please feel free to share anything that I have missed out, or things that you think I should include in the Biz Builder Delux tips and guides.


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