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Biz Builder Delux

Biz Builder Delux is a simulation game developed by Kairosoft, a well-known android app company for their simulation game with cute graphics. Currently, it is only available in Google Play Store.

Setting up your first Video Game Shop
Setting up your first Game Shop

In this game, you are the boss of an entrepreneur company; you get to choose what company you want to focus on, ranging from video game shops to bakeries. You get to be in charge of the layout, focus, employees roles, research and etcetera to build your very own retail chain giant company!

Biz Builder Delux - Town Map
Biz Builder Delux – Town Map

As shown in the above Town Map, as you progress through the game, you get to open more business branches of which ever shops you are focusing on. You can choose among the available “unlocked” choices based on its location and nearby residents. Interesting? 🙂

Biz Builder Delux - Bakery
Biz Builder Delux – Bakery

Similar to its past various simulation game titles, to do well in the game, you need to make use of combos (for your own discovery). 😉 Alternatively, you can refer to my

Alternatively, you can refer to my Biz Builder Delux Tips and Guides.

What are you waiting for?
What are you waiting for?

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