Gizmo Studio App #5 – Chinese New Year Songs

Chinese New Year Songs is the perfect app for you to liven up the atmosphere as you listen to the most traditional and classic Chinese New Year songs. 

Chinese New Year (CNY), otherwise known as the Spring Festival, is a festival celebrated by many Chinese. It is a time for rekindling bonds with friends and families. This festive season is best celebrated while listening warm and cheery Chinese New Year Songs.

Chinese New Year Songs features many familiar and famous Chinese Year Songs that folks from all generations would know how to sing.


  • High quality Chinese New Year songs that can be played both online and offline
  • Chinese lyrics included for you to sing along
  • Adjustable music slider to change the music timing
  • Media player to easily control the songs. Includes play, pause and jump to the next or previous song
  • Clean and simple user interface that is easy to use
  • Absolutely FREE!! No in-apps purchases needed

Chinese New Year Songs Included:

1. 恭喜恭喜
2. 恭喜发财
3. 迎春花
4. 万年红
5. 贺新年
6. 新年好
7. 春天来了
8. 大地回春
9. 财神到
10. 合家欢
11. 凤阳花鼓
12. 拜年
13. 恭喜大家过新年
14. 年来了
15. 新年快乐我的爱
16. 财源滚滚
17. 花开富贵满华堂
18. 财神到 (粤语)
19. 祝福你 (粤语)
20. 你最紅 (粤语)

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Contents in the app are Public Domain content. However, if you find it otherwise, please write to us and we will remove the content accordingly.

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