Gizmo Studio App #12 – 火影忍者歌曲

火影忍者是公认其中一个最出名的动漫。自开播以来,已经播出超过二十季。火影忍者故事围绕着一位忍者如何突破重重难关来成为最强忍者,是一个即发人深省又激励人心的动漫。伴随着的音乐听了同样鼓舞人心, 令人振奋。


Gizmo Studio App #5 – Chinese New Year Songs

Chinese New Year (CNY), otherwise known as the Spring Festival, is a festival celebrated by many Chinese. It is a time for rekindling bonds with friends and families. This festive season is best celebrated while listening warm and cheery Chinese New Year Songs.

Chinese New Year Songs is the perfect app for you to liven up the atmosphere as you listen to the most traditional and classic Chinese New Year songs.