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Gizmo Studio App #12 – 火影忍者歌曲


火影忍者是公认其中一个最出名的动漫。自开播以来,已经播出超过二十季。火影忍者故事围绕着一位忍者如何突破重重难关来成为最强忍者,是一个即发人深省又激励人心的动漫。伴随着的音乐听了同样鼓舞人心, 令人振奋。



  • 高质量,振奋人心的忍者歌曲
  • 音乐播放器可让你轻易控制歌曲
  • 有无网络亦可播放
  • 用户界面简单明了
  • 退出APP仍可播放歌曲
  • 最重要的是APP是免费的!!


1. R★O★C★K★S
2. Far Away
3. Turning Sadness Into Kindness
4. GO!!!
5. Rhapsody of Youth
6. No Boy, No Cry
7. Wind and Waves Satellite
8. Re:member
9. Swaying
10. Wind
11. Harmonia
12. Viva★Rock-Japanese Side
14. Many Times Before
15. Meteor
16. Mountain-a-Go Go-Two
17. The First Time I Spoke With You
18. Lost Words
19. Speed
20. Because You are With Me
21. Parade
22. Yellow Moon
23. Pinocchio
24. Scenario
25. Home Sweet Home
26. Ding! Dong! Dang!
27. Flower Bud


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  • 忍者歌曲
  • 振奋人心的歌曲
  • 正能量歌曲
  • 激励歌曲
  • 战斗歌曲
  • Nice Fighting Music
  • Ninja Songs and OST
  • Inspirational Fighting Songs
  • Uplifting Songs
  • Free Motivational Songs
  • Songs that can boost spirit
  • Popular Battle and Combat Songs


  • This is an unofficial app created by fans of Naruto, for the fans of Naruto
  • This app is not an officially authorised app by the creator of the Naruto
  • The creator of this app fully acknowledged that the music in this app belongs to the creator of Naruto
  • This app is not affiliated with the creator of Naruto
  • All the songs in the app were aggregated from publicly available online sources (e.g. YouTube)

For any concerns regarding the songs, please contact us via our email in the app and we will act accordingly.


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