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Gizmo Studio App #55 – Cantonese Chinese New Year Songs / 粤语新年歌曲

Spice up the Chinese New Year celebration by playing catchy cantonese CNY songs!

有了这个线下也可以使用的APP,你可以播放这些粤语新年歌曲, 让你的新年庆典增添光彩!

Normal Chinese New Year songs could be monotonous after having listening to them for years. Take them up a notch by throwing in some Cantonese version of the original Chinese New Year songs to keep things interesting. These songs are amazing in keeping up the general happy ambience of the gatherings while you chatter away without getting swayed to sing along to the songs. 

Download Cantonese Chinese New Year Songs now to make a perfect background music list that is not distracting, yet festive. 




  • High quality Cantonese Chinese New Year songs that can be played both online and offline
  • Chinese lyrics included for you to sing along
  • Adjustable music slider to change the music timing
  • Media player to easily control the songs. Includes play, pause and jump to the next or previous song
  • Automatically plays the next song with option to loop the current song
  • Listen to your favourite songs in background
  • Clean and simple user interface that is easy to use
  • Absolutely FREE!! No in-apps purchases needed
  • 高质量,欢乐,耳熟能详的粤语新年歌曲
  • 有无网络亦可播放
  • 歌词包括在内,可边看边唱
  • 音乐播放器可让你轻易控制歌曲
  • 音乐会自动播放下一首歌, 可选择单曲循环
  • 退出APP仍可播放歌曲
  • 用户界面简单明了
  • 最重要的是APP是免费的!!


  • This is an unofficial app created by a team of developers who loves these Cantonese Chinese New Year songs, for fellow folks who also love these Cantonese Chinese New Year songs
  • This app is not an officially authorised app by the personnel that own these songs
  • The creator of this app fully acknowledged that the music in this app belongs to the respective personnel that owns them
  • This app is not affiliated with the respective personnel that owns the music
  • All the songs in the app were aggregated from publicly available online sources (e.g. YouTube)

For any concerns regarding the songs, please contact us via our email in the app and we will act accordingly.

Download yours here!

Last Updated: 07 Nov 2020

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