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Gizmo Studio App #7 – Naruto Songs

Naruto Songs features the best collection of Naruto soundtrack for offline use.

Naruto is one of the most popular anime known with over 20 seasons aired since it started. With a strong storyline of how a ninja conquer many difficulties to attain his quest to be the best ninja, it is an anime that is both inspiring and uplifting. The music accompanying brings out the passion of Naruto and stir feelings in our mind whenever we hear it.

Naruto Songs is the only app you will ever need to listen to the most inspiring Naruto songs and soundtrack.

Naruto Songs features the best collection of Naturo soundtrack and songs that many listen when needing some energy.


  • High quality Naruto songs and soundtrack that can be played both online and offline
  • Adjustable music slider to change the music timing
  • Media player to easily control the songs. Includes play, pause and jump to the next or previous song
  • Clean and simple user interface that is easy to use
  • Listen to your favourite songs in background 
  • Absolutely FREE!!

Naruto Soundtrack and Songs Included:

1. R★O★C★K★S
2. Far Away
3. Turning Sadness Into Kindness
4. GO!!!
5. Rhapsody of Youth
6. No Boy, No Cry
7. Wind and Waves Satellite
8. Re:member
9. Swaying 
10. Wind
11. Harmonia
12. Viva★Rock-Japanese Side
14. Many Times Before
15. Meteor
16. Mountain-a-Go Go-Two 
17. The First Time I Spoke With You 
18. Lost Words 
19. Speed 
20. Because You are With Me
21. Parade
22. Yellow Moon
23. Pinocchio
24. Scenario
25. Home Sweet Home
26. Ding! Dong! Dang!
27. Flower Bud

Install now if you are looking for:

  • Nice Fighting Music
  • Ninja Songs and OST
  • Inspirational Fighting Songs
  • Uplifting Songs
  • Free Motivational Songs
  • Songs that can boost spirit
  • Popular Battle and Combat Songs


  • This is an unofficial app created by fans of Naruto, for the fans of Naruto
  • This app is not an officially authorised app by the creator of the Naruto
  • The creator of this app fully acknowledged that the music in this app belongs to the creator of Naruto
  • This app is not affiliated with the creator of Naruto
  • All the songs in the app were aggregated from publicly available online sources (e.g. YouTube)

For any concerns regarding the songs, please contact us via our email in the app and we will act accordingly.

Download yours here!

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