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Gizmo Studio App #9 – Ghibli Songs

Ghibli Songs features the best collection of Ghibli Studio vocal for offline use.

Ghibli Studio is probably the world’s more revered animation house with their delicately produced movies. The music accompanying brings out the richness and feeling of the movies and leave feelings lingering within our mind. 

This is the only app you will ever need to listen to the most popular vocals and songs from the various heartfelt movies.

The app features the best collection of movie songs and vocals that many fall in love with.


  • High quality vocals and songs from the list of movies that can be played both online and offline
  • Adjustable music slider to change the music timing
  • Media player to easily control the songs. Includes play, pause and jump to the next or previous song
  • Music sorted alphabetically for easier searching
  • Clean and simple user interface that is easy to use
  • Listen to your favourite songs in background 
  • Absolutely FREE!!

List of Songs and Vocals Included:

1. Always With Me
2. Arrietty’s Song 
3. Become the Wind
4. Breakfast Song
5. Carrying you
6. Country Roads
7. Fine on the Outside
8. From Up on Poppy Hill
9. Hikoukigumo
10. I can Hear the Sea
11. In This Town of Asia
12. Itsudemo Dareka
13. Memory of Life
14. My Neighbor Totoro
15. My Neighbors the Yamadas
16. Once in a While, Talk of the Old Days
17. Path of the Wind
18. Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea
19. Promise of the world
20. Rouge’s message
21. Sanpo, a Walk
22. Sayonara wa Dance no Ato ni
23. Song of Time
24. Teru’s song
25. The Collapse of Laputa
26. The Legend of Ashitaka Theme
27. The Name of Life
28. The Time of Cherries
29. The Valley of the Wind
30. Wrapped in Kindness

Movies Included:

1. Spirited Away
2. Arrietty
3. The Cat Returns
4. From Up On Poppy Hill
5. Castle in the Sky
6. Whisper of the Heart
7. When Marnie Was There
8. The Wind Rises
9. Ocean Waves
10. Pom Poko
11. The Tale of the Princess Kaguya
12. My Neighbor Totoro
13. My Neighbors the Yamadas
14. Porco Rosso
15. Ponyo
16. Howl’s Moving Castle
17. Kiki’s Delivery Service
18. Only Yesterday
19. Tales from Earthsea
20. Princess Mononoke
21. Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind

Install now if you are looking for:

  • Classic Anime Songs
  • Classic Japanese Songs
  • Smoothing Anime Songs
  • Japanese Anime Songs
  • Popular Japanese Songs
  • Touching Anime Songs
  • Tear-jerking Anime Vocals
  • Heartfelt Songs


  • This is an unofficial app created by fans of Ghibli Studio, for the fans of Ghibli Studio
  • This app is not an officially authorised app by Ghibli Studio
  • The creator of this app fully acknowledged that the songs and vocals in this app belongs to Ghibli Studio
  • This app is not affiliated with Ghibli Studio
  • All the songs in the app were aggregated from publicly available online sources (e.g. YouTube)

For any concerns regarding the songs, please contact us via our email in the app and we will act accordingly.

Download yours here!

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