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Monster Rancher DS

Monster Rancher DS is a simulation game where you get to breed, train and grow your very own monsters in your very own ranch — literally what the name of the game has suggested! It was developed by Tecmo on the Nintendo DS platform. An awesome game title that has been around for decades — since the PlayStation era.


In the game, the player gets to name themselves, the farm and every single monster they are able to breed through different methods. The objective of the game is to train and breed a world class monster that is capable in raising through the ranks (class E to SSS, with SSS being the best of the best) and emerge as the champion.

There are several methods in breeding monsters:

  1. Magic Field: go to the shrine and draw a picture on your touch screen (grids)
  2. Incantation: go to the shrine and speak into the microphone
  3. Magic Spell: go to the shrine and scribble letters on your touch screen (boxes)
  4. Combining: combining two monsters into one

I still remember a decade ago when I first played Monster Rancher on PlayStation, we uses CD to generate/breed monsters, such as Final Fantasy Disc 3.


The only way to train your monsters and make them stronger is through tough training. When your monsters perform better and worse than normal expectation, you can choose to either praise it or scold it, which will affect its discipline and personality. You have to know where to strike a balance. Also, there are several stats, and you know your monsters don’t require all of them — there are two types of monster, which main attack damage was based on either intelligence or skill stats. That said, the stats still affect part of the overall competency of the monster.

The following are the list of light training that can raise your monster’s respective stats slightly:

  • Pound – Raises your monster’s POW stat
  • Study – Raises your monster’s INT stat
  • Shoot – Raises your monster’s SKI stat
  • Jump – Raises your monster’s SPD stat
  • Crush – Raises your monster’s DEF stat
  • Run – Raises your monster’s LIF stat
Monster on drill

In Drill mode, you are able to raise stats through rolling of dice. It basically depends on where you landed at — blue allows you to perform the drill to gain stats; green allows you to gain/lose number of rolls; pink is random by chance; while red makes you fight a monster from the wild.

There is another mode called Errantry, where player get to send their monsters out to a particular unlocked map (based on its rank) to adventure. Depending on the amount of ‘life’ stat the monster have, it will be able to adventure out there. You can send commands (click on place to run to) to your monsters, but they may not necessarily listen to you. In essence, in Errantry mode, you send your monster out to obtain blue/red crystals that contains items, and also seek out ‘wanted’ monsters — defeating them gives you great reward.

Are you up to the game?
Are you up to the game?

Interested to becoming the best monster breeder / trainer in the region? Go for it! 😉

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