Tips and Guides for The Manga Works

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Tips and Guides for The Manga Works

This post features a list of original Tips and Guides for The Manga Works, one of the management and simulation games developed by Kairosoft.

Tips and Guides for The Manga Works

1. When training your protagonist[1], observe the amount of points gained. If you only gain 1 or 2 points, stop all training for your protagonist anymore. You will only be wasting your hard-earned experience points. Wait until your manga rank has increased, then continue training again.

2. Usually, the immediate first training after your manga artist rank has increased, is going to be very effective. That is, a gain of over 10 stats points.

3. “Assistants” are expensive and less effective than the stats points gained from placing items. So, avoid hiring “assistants” as much as possible.

4. When you get to expand your house, choose to get the “Warehouse” instead of the “Assistant”-related expansion. The reason is already mentioned in tips number 3. 🙂

5. The most important stats is “Workload”. It affect how long your protagonist take to complete a manga. This is crucial when you are working on a series.

6. Different “Theme” and “Scenario” combinations yields a different results and different duration for completion. Many people neglect this.

For example, “Karate” and “Stadium” can be completed in less than 3 days. With the same stats, it takes 8 days to complete a “Karate” and “Open Sea” manga. If you submitted the latter to a publisher for a series and they require you to publish each chapter within 7 days, you are not going to make it. They can give you 1 day of extension, but you won’t have time and opportunity to collect Plot Points (PP), which is equally important to create top-selling manga series!

7. Always check the existing “fan base” of a publisher and submit the type of manga that is suitable for the “fan base”. This is very basic but often forgotten too. Your manga can be very good with very high stats, but it will not do well and may even get rejected due to it being unsuitable for the intended audience.

For example, the publisher, Dollar Press, would want to publish manga aimed at Teen Boys and Boys rather than Moms or Middle-aged M.

8. Stick to a single type of manga from the start until the end. It is very difficult to increase the level of this and there is no obvious benefit for creating different types of manga type along the game.

9. At the start of the game, always set as many PP in your manga as possible. This is extremely important because this is how you can increase the maximum number of PP you can apply on each chapter of a manga.

To execute combos when create a series, you need to be able to produce different types of Arcs. Some of these Arcs require a much higher PP than you initially have. So, start increasing your “maximum usable PP” for each manga/chapter as early as possible!

10. The total number of house expansion is 5 times. The end state is that there will be 4 rooms. Not that you can only buy 1 item of each item type each month.

After each purchase, you need to wait for 1 month before you can make another purchase. The reset will happen on every month on the 5th, so plan wisely!

11. To increase the level of equipment, just keep using them (set *Att to it). There is no other ways to this.

That’s all for now, please leave a comment for any feedback or if you have anything else to add, have fun!

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[1] protagonist – the manga artist you have created and named at the start of the game!

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