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Top 10 tips and tricks for Brigandine: The Legend of Runersia

If you master these 10 tips and tricks for Brigandine: The Legend of Runersia, you will be able to beat the game easily. No matter what difficulty you have set for your game.

Please note that the sequence of the tips and tricks does not signifies its importance, it just so happens to come across my mind as I type out the list 🙂

1. Check the terrain of the battlefield before battle, use units that suit the battlefield

Most people may not be concerned about terrains, but I thought it is super useful. While setting up your units’ formation, you can set it up around specific terrains.

For example, if you have some golems to stand in front of a forest, your enemy will not be able to reach the forest. Then, you can have centaurs standing in those protected forest with 20% bonus accuracy in shooting the enemies.

For units like Centaur or Swordmaster, you can make good use of Forest terrain to increase evasion and accuracy by a whooping 20%

Other terrain differences also include water type, which is very useful! As shown below, I have a Cyclops standing on the bridge. I have a few other units, thankfully ranged and healers standing in the backline to provide backup.

Look, my opponents consist of mages, but they are unable to participate in the battle because of terrain constraints. Brigandine: The Legend of Runersia sure is fun 🙂

Defend the bridge!

2. Deploy attacking troops from multiple castles whenever possible

This actually depends on playstyle but I think it is so effective that it deserves a mention.

Personally, I don’t group all my “strong” knights together. I split them up with other lower-level knights to strike a tactical balance. Therefore, when it is possible to deploy knights from two different directions, the enemies are going to suffer badly!

Deploying troops from Alternia and Garwellin to attack Koaloopa

3. Make use of the simulated damage and critical percentage

This may sound like a no-brainer, but trust me, not everyone will read everything on the user interface!

Usually, I only prioritise attacks that are 100%. In the world of randomness, even 81% could result in a “miss”. Yes, this is common not just in Brigandine: The Legend of Runersia

As shown in the user interface, for Large to hit the Roc, the accuracy is 100% with an estimated damage calculation of 126.

4. Utilise pincer attack buff, especially for hitting high evasion units

This is super important to know! Thank me later.

When I was playing the game for the first time, I was using Norzaleo Kingdom like most people would! When I was facing the Shinobi Tribe, I was almost wiped out by Uncle Toby and Della. Almost none of my units were able to touch them.

Because of the pincer status, Gigas’s accuracy has a 12% boost and critical rate has a 5% boost on hitting the Roc

The differences play out much bigger depending on the units in the equation!

5. Always bring healers or unicorns to battle and plan your MP well

In one of my playthroughs, I had a very strong attacking team of monsters and managed to score multiple wins in a row. However, when I finally met a team with very good defensive capabilities, I realised that my team lacks a healer. It was disastrous!

Always bring a healer, unicorn, or both!

I also mentioned that planning of MP is important because a normal unicorn can usually only cast “heal” 3 times in a battle. If you use your cards properly, it could help you win the battle.

Unicorn: I am so cute, bring me to battle

6. Keep to the least amount of front-line castles as possible

This part resembles playing a game of chess, but if you do not play any chess, you can also understand it well. Brigandine: The Legend of Runersia world map is like a game of chess.

Basically, you keep yourself exposed as little as possible while holding on to as many castles as possible. Each castle you hold will give you mana income (in-game currency), which you will require to buy more or upgrade any monsters.

When you look at the above screenshot, can you identify any potential battles without exposing yourself to more risks?

An example is shown above, if you attack Angela using troops from Alternia, you will have to guard Angela after you won the battle. Concurrently, you will also need to defend Alternia from Koaloopa. If Koaloopa conquers Alternia, your troops in Angela will be left “unconnected” to the main unit. If they lost in a battle, they will not have the “retreat” option. They only have the “force retreat” option which is not as good and may result in the loss of monsters.

7. Be aware of the mana income of each castles when deciding targets

If conquering castle A and castle B has the same outcome, it doesn’t matter which one you choose. But if conquering castle A gives you more benefits than castle B, there is no reason to choose castle B over castle A. Benefits such as more mana income is a good reason!

Players can easily check the mana income and upkeep mana for any nations

Let’s compare the following two castles and look at their mana income, if you get to choose to have one of them, which one would you choose:

Drowarn provide its occupier 220 mana income per round
Gharghar provide its occupier 570 mana income per round

8. Whenever possible, cut off enemy supply chain and make them forced retreat

As explained in tips number 6, castles are usually connected together and “linked” to their main forces in the frontline. When a castle is being cut off from their allies in their supply chain, they can no longer retreat in a battle. That is, in a battle, they will not have the “retreat” option.

They only have the “force retreat” option which is not as good and may result in the loss of monsters.

9. Lure the leaders to the front

If the enemy leader is on the battlefield, can consider luring them up front and defeat them first.

This is usually the case when I am fighting against nations like Norzaleo Kingdom and Holy Gustava Empire. I would plan their movement range nicely and lure them out to the front.

Not so much of a “lure” is required here, but just to illustrate the point that some leaders are easy to beat compared to others

My personal experience when using Norzaleo Kingdom and fighting against the Holy Gustava Empire. After I have defeated Tim, he left the battlefield with everyone else except his Bahamut.

10. Try to set up a defensive line whenever possible

Melee units at the front, range units and healers at the back, flying or high movement units at the side for flanking.

This formation will always work, no matter what terrain you are in, some might be slower but it is always effective.

Setting up a formation with melee units in the front

Well, having a golem standing at the back is not useful. I don’t like to use a basic golem, because their 3 movement range is really too slow in an attack. I need to evolve them at least once to make their movement range become 4 to actually find them useful in an attack.

Well, I hope my top 10 tips and tricks for Brigandine: The Legend of Runersia is useful to you!

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